Vacancies of the 118th Congress

Session 2

Session 1

  • California – 20th District

    Office of the Twentieth Congressional District of California

    Photo of Rep. McCarthy, Kevin

    Rep. Kevin

    New York – 3rd District

    Photo of Rep. George

    Expelled December 01, 2023

    Rep. George

    Photo of Rep. Suozzi, Thomas

    Succeeded February 13, 2024

    Rep. Thomas
    R. Suozzi

    Oath of Office on February 28, 2024

    Utah – 2nd District

    Photo of Rep. Chris

    Resigned September 15, 2023

    Rep. Chris

    Photo of Rep. Maloy, Celeste

    Succeeded November 21, 2023

    Rep. Celeste

    Oath of Office on November 28, 2023

    Rhode Island – 1st District

    Photo of Rep. David

    Resigned May 31, 2023

    Rep. David
    N. Cicilline

    Photo of Rep. Amo, Gabe

    Succeeded November 07, 2023

    Rep. Gabe

    Oath of Office on November 13, 2023

    Virginia – 4th District

    Photo of Rep. A.

    Passed Away November 28, 2022

    Rep. A.
    Donald McEachin

    Photo of Rep. McClellan, Jennifer

    Succeeded February 21, 2023

    Rep. Jennifer
    L. McClellan

    Oath of Office on March 07, 2023