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Financial Disclosure Reports

Downloading the Financial Disclosure Software

Financial Disclosure Form Download

To use the Financial Disclosure Electronic form, you must have Microsoft Access 2007, or greater, installed on your computer.  Before you download this form, you must close any Financial Disclosure applications you have open.

To download the Financial Disclosure form:
  • Right click on the Financial Disclosure Form link listed above and select "Save Target As":


    Windows Explorer will be displayed;

  • Select “Desktop” if it is not displayed in the left hand column, then click the “Save” button.

    The form will be loaded on your desktop.

Using the Financial Disclosure Software

To open the Financial Disclosure Form:
  • Click on the FD form  Untitled-1.jpg icon on your desktop:

  • Click anywhere on the screen to open the form:


  • The FD 2012 forms will be opened in MS Access for editing:


    • If your name is not displayed on the Select User Name screen, click the “Add New Filer” button and enter your name;

    • If your name is displayed click the “Open” button to begin editing the form;


      The General Information screen is displayed. You can enter your name and contact information, or edit the information if it’s already displayed;

  • If you used the software last year, you can load the data from last year’s filing by clicking the “Load previous filing’s data” button;


    Windows Explorer is displayed. Locate last year’s data file on your computer. It should be named Financial2011 and will have an extension of “.accdb”, “.mde”, or “.mdb”. You can change the file extension using the drop down menu, as shown above;

  • When you have located the file, select the file name and click the “Open” button;

  • Follow the instructions to load your data;

  • Click the “Next” button to continue populating your form.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Access Errors

If you see these error messages when you try to open the file:

You should do the following:

  • Open Microsoft Access and;
  • click the "Office" button in the top left corner;
  • Select "Access Options";
  • Select "Trust Center", then select "Trust Center Settings";
  • Select "Trusted Locations", then "Add New Location";
  • Click on the, "Browse" button;
  • Select Desktop and click the "OK" button on all windows to close them.

Need Help?

If there is a problem with software installation or functionality on House-owned computers, please contact a Technical Support Representative (TSR) or call the HIR Call Center at 56002 or 1-800-HIR-USER and the Call Center will assist in resolving the problem.

If you receive any other type of error message, please contact your System Administrator or the Ethics Committee’s System Administrator, Craig Barber, at (202) 225-7103.

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