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Congressional Profile

  • 435 Members
  • 5 Delegates
  • 1 Resident
Party Divisions
  • 244 Republicans
  • 188 Democrats
  • 0 Independents
  • 3 Vacancies
  • 100 Senators
    (Vice President votes in case of a tie)
Party Divisions
  • 44 Democrats
  • 54 Republicans
  • 2 Independents

Congressional Profile Resources

Member FAQs
How is a Representative nominated and elected? What is the size of the House of Representatives and how is it determined? How many Representatives does each state have in the House? Find the answers to these questions and more in Member FAQs.

Historical Party Divisions
Lists the political divisions of the House of Representatives from 1789 to present. Included is the total number of Representatives allotted each Congress, as well as the breakdown of Delegates and Members representing all the political parties.

Member Data and Demographics
The House Press Gallery provides demographic information on Members of the House and information about salaries and term limits as well as current House Floor information.

History, Art & Archives
The People Search function on this website allows users to filter all past and current Members of the U.S. House of Representatives by several categories. The site also features an interactive map of representation by state.

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