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December 7, 2007


Our Page Board has been an invaluable partner in the development and administration of the Page Program. Their input into policies and protocols under which the Page Program functions has been vital and I continue to solicit their ongoing involvement.

To that end, we have supported and adhered to an infraction notification policy that was developed and approved by the members of the Page Board. This policy has been an essential component to enforcing our zero tolerance policy for Page infractions. Additionally, we have made special efforts to remain responsive to the stated needs of our Page Board members as they relate to incident notification.

On one occasion this year, Rep. Brown-Waite was not informed immediately of a page's dismissal—the incident occurred over a weekend and she was informed on the next business day.  After that incident, Board members asked that they all be informed immediately of any such disciplinary action, and the Clerk provided that notice in the most recent case.

In addition to immediate notification in the event of rules infractions, Page board members receive regular, comprehensive updates at scheduled board meetings, as well as frequent e-mails and update memos. Our unprecedented seven page board meetings have been extremely constructive and informative and we have received substantive input from attending members. That input has helped to further shape the program and has contributed to our expanded oversight and greater accountability. I regret that Rep. Brown-Waite does not feel that these forums offered the opportunity to present her concerns and the insight that she has received from her discussions with parents and pages.

Finally, we look forward to working closely with the Page Board as we engage in an “immediate and thorough review of the adequacy of the supervision and security at the Page dorm,” as outlined by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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